Judging/Entry Rules


The duties and responsibilities of being a judge of a bodybuilding competition can not be taken lightly. Competitors work extremely hard to prepare for contests, harder than athletes in most other sports, and deserve to be judged as thoroughly and equitably as possible. While a judge brings all of his worldly experiences and emotions to the table with him, these must be kept in check to insure that his/her placements are the result of objective analysis as opposed to subjective opinions. The judging criteria must be rigidly followed while all attempts should be made to avoid the common tendencies which can compromise accurate judging. In addition, judges must be accountable for their decisions and accessible to the athletes.

Judges must also maintain a level of accuracy deemed appropriate by the NANBF as well as conduct characterized by professionalism and dedication. The goal of the NANBF is to crown the finest bodybuilding athlete, without respect to size or reputation. Careful attention must be made to muscle quality, muscle separation and striations, symmetry (correct proportion), vascularity, absence of visible body fat, posing ability, and overall presentation and stage presence.

While "ripped" competitors are desirable, "emaciated (anorexic-looking) competitors are not. Lean shape should be accompanied by quality muscularity. Furthermore, bodybuilders should also be judged on their ability to follow directions and act professionally (e.g.: hitting poses when commanded to do so, etc.).

Prejudging (day show)

Relaxed poses from front, left side, rear, and right side. Competitors should be semi-flexed, not aggressively posing. The feet should remain flat on the floor and the body and head facing stage left and stage right for the side shots. Women bodybuilders do a a mandatory hands on hips muscular pose. Posing routine limit is 60 seconds for the Amateurs, 90 seconds for IFPA Pro's.

Athletes will be called in groups of three to six to stage front for Mandatory Pose comparisons. The following mandatory poses shall be used by judging panels associated with the NANBF.

These poses should be presented such that the judge may make a clear determination of comparisons, with contestants not turning from side-to-side (unless instructed). Contestants must hit the pose and relax on the command of the Head Judge, or he/she will be penalized with lower placement for not following instructions.

The poses are:

Front Double Biceps

Contestant should stand on two feet and have upper arms out to the sides parallel to the floor, with elbows bent at 90-degrees with forearms parallel to torso. Legs, lats, chest, abdominals, and arms should be flexed.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Side Chest Pose

Contestant should stand on foot farthest from the stage with front leg bent to show the calf and leg biceps. The front arm should be bent at approximately 90-degrees with the rear hand gripping at the wrist. The chest should be lifted and the abdominals pulled in tightly. The competitor may pick a side of choice to display to the judges unless told otherwise.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Side Triceps Pose

Contestant should stand in leg position similar to side chest pose, with the frontal arm hanging alongside the body, grasped at the waist by the rear hand from around the lower back. The triceps should be tightened, shoulders, chest and abdominals flexed, and the legs and calves tight. The side of choice may be displayed unless instructed otherwise.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Rear Double Biceps

This pose is exactly as the frontal version except that the contestant must bring the leg of choice toward the judges and "spike" the foot to show calf and leg biceps development. Contestants should not lean excessively toward the rear of the stage, nor lean backwards too far toward the judges.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Rear Lat Spread

Contestant should face stage rear with calf of choice "spiked" toward the judges, and grasp the waist with closed hands and spread elbows to flare latissimus. Hamstrings and glutes should be flexed, with emphasis on showing judges the width of the back (V-shape) as well as detail in the lats, teres major, rhomboids and trapezius, erectors and rear deltoids.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Overhead Abdominal Pose

The contestant must stand facing the judges with one leg extended slightly forward, and with hands clasped behind the neck. The abdominals must be fully flexed, with air expelled, with the legs and chest also tight. One-arm variations of the abdominal pose are PROHIBITED unless instructed by the Head Judge.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Most Muscular Pose

This pose will be required only for the men. The contestant must stand with one leg slightly extended toward the judges, and assume a favorite of the following most muscular poses. Either the "crab", hands-on-hips or partial crab (with one hand behind back) variations may be used. Side most muscular poses are not permitted unless instructed by the Head Judge.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Double Calf Raise

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Optional Poses

The judging panel may request additional poses depending on necessity. These may include Side Hamstring Curl, Stand-On-Calves Pose, Serratus Side Pose, etc.

(Note: Twalks are not done during prejudging only at night for bikini, mens physique & figure.)

Finals (Evening Show)

Presentation of the line-ups (should be omitted for classes of five or less);

Posing routine to music (ninety second limit) - may be judged in amateur competitions;

Announcement of the top five per class;

Posedown (class);

Presentation of class awards;

Symmetry and muscularity comparisons for class winners (judged);

Posedown (overall); and

Presentation of overall awards.

Rules and Regulations - BODYBUILDING

Event Format



Listed are the two formats of mandatory poses that will be used at each NANBF Competition. The following poses may or may not be called out in this particular order. Alternate poses may be mixed in with the mandatory poses based on the head judge's preference.


Front double biceps

Front Lat. Spread

LEFT SIDE (Quarter Turn Right)

Side chest

Side triceps

BACK (Quarter Turn Right)

Back double biceps

Back Lat. Spread

RIGHT SIDE (Quarter Turn Right)

Side chest

Side triceps

FACE FRONT (Quarter Turn Right)

(Two hands behind head) Display Abs & Thigh

(One hand behind head) Display Serratus & Oblique

(Favorite) Most Muscular pose

ALTERNATE POSES (Mostly used for tie breakers and close judging)

(Face rear) Display Calves

(Face front) Display Calves

(Face rear) Display Hams

(Face side) Display Hams


p>Quarter Turns for Symmetry

Front Double Bicep

Front Lat Spread

Best Side Chest

Best Side Tricep

Best Side Serratus

Read Double Bicep

Judges Check List - Figure

Judges are starting from the top of your body and working down when doing the scoring.

1. Detailed shoulder round shape.

2. Waist - hour glass look (V Shape), very shapely legs and calves.

Figure is in between fitness and body building but not too hard and not too soft.

3. Poise, presentation, audience interaction, and facial beauty.

4. Swimwear and how it compliments the competitors body, personality, style and physique.

5. Overall body condition and balance.

* Please keep in mind this is not a bikini, swimsuit, beauty, or body building competition. Contestants have put in hard work to be considered.

The figure competition was designed for those women who are athletic and fit but do not have gymnastics background and do not desire to do body building. Figure competitors are between fitness and body building

Male Physique Criteria:

Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down. Promoters can choose number of height classes dependent on total number of competitors in total class. Male physique competitors need to wear board shorts, (shorts must be just above the knee in length and can be one inch below the belly button, no spandex and no logos are permitted on the board shorts however a manufacturer's logo such as Nike symbol or Billabongs are acceptable.) Without a shirt

No foot wear.

No body accessories

No Crossover to Bodybuilding

Judging Criteria: 2 Rounds

Round 1 Symmetry/Muscularity & Round 2 Presentation

Round 1-Symmetry & Muscularity

Comparison Round - (round 1)

The competitors will be brought out in a group and directed to do turns. Arms remain at their sides. Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in turns.

1. Leanness/athletic build

2. Symmetry and balance of the body

3. V-shape form from the shoulders to the waist

4. Stomach area must be muscular and tight from all angles

5. calves must show muscularity and thighs if visible

Round 2 Presentation

Competitors will walk to the center of the stage alone and perform front and back turns with optional pose of hand on hip or hand in pocket, finishing facing the judges as directed then proceed to the off of the stage.

You need to exude poise, confidence and stage presence. Having a connection with the audience and presenting your physique in its best light. Judges are looking for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise who can successfully convey his personality to the audience.

Scoring round 1-placing against each other

Scoring round 2 1-5 one being the best 5 being the worst

Men's Physique Presentation Score

1 being the

1) Hair neatly groomed, facial hair groomed, good tan (color) & proper use of oil, ability to smile, fitted board shorts, ability to present self in best light, no jewelry or body accessories

5 being the worst

5) No color, unshaven, board shorts don't fit properly, not groomed, distracting body hair, inability to present self in best light, not smiling, jewelry or body accessories worn, too much oil or not enough, tattoos distracting from physique

1-2 apply would be score of 2

3-4 apply would be score of 3

5-6 apply would be score of 4

Sports Bikini Models Criteria:

1. Abs are tight and with a hour glass/tapered waistline

2. Shoulders are perfectly rounded off with muscular caps

3. Teeth are bright white with a smile that exudes confidence

4. Hair and makeup should enhance your overall appearance

5. Solid strong legs with sexy sweeping quads

6. Poise and confidence when on stage

7. When the 4 photo shots are made in front of the audience, you will need to still exude poise, confidence, and stage presentation.